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.NET Bio Cookbook

Programming Cookbook

General and User Documentation

Getting started with .NET Bio
Getting Started Guide

IronPython Samples - Programming Guide
Iron Python Samples Programming Guide

Comparative genome assembly is a process in which an already sequenced close relative genome is used as a reference against which the reads from the target genome can be matched, read more here...
.NET Bio Comparitive Assembly Technical Guide

Developer Documentation

How do I setup and build the .NET Bio project?
.NET Bio Programming Guide

Using Visual Studio with .NET Bio
Onboarding using Visual Studio with .NET Bio

What are the development coding conventions to use in this project?
Coding Conventions Documentation

How do I write documentation comments in source - for readability and building the .chm help file later on?
.NET Bio commenting conventions

I want a technical reference (Windows help file) for the bio.dll API's
If you choose the complete install option for .NET Bio with SDK you will get a local copy of bio.chm. You can also sync to the source code and build locally.

How do I run the tests that are used in this project?
Testing Guide

How do I contribute my code back to the .NET Bio project?
Contribution Guide

Sample Applications and Reference

Sequence Assembler - User Guide:

Biology Extension for Excel - User Guide

Biology Extension for Excel - Serbian User Guide

Parallel de Novo assembler - Paper presented at Bioinformatics 2011, .pdf of the paper available here ,additional reference material

Other Documents

Screenshots of the .NET Bio Assembler demo tool - (zip archive)
Screenshots of the .NET Bio Excel add-in demo - (zip archive)

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