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.NET Bio announcements
This email list is for announcements regarding .NET Bio releases or other significant events. It is not a discussion list. You will get posts from the community program manager, project coordinators, or list owners only. Any emails will be sent to you from If you have an email junk filter please make a rule to accept messages from that email address. If you wish to join the .NET Bio announcement list Click Here.
  • Please note that you may get a warning about allowing a control. You should allow the control - so we can start your mail application with the proper email address and body (no subject).

Our users forum is hosted on this site and is displayed under the discussions tab. If you want to be notified of new project discussions via email or RSS, then select the discussions tab, on the right of your screen you will see an option to be notified. Choose the option you wish as shown below

project follow notification.png

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