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Sequence limits in .NET Bio

Nov 9, 2011 at 4:20 PM

When you install .NET Bio the readme pops up and you see this message.

" We currently have a limit of a sequence can be of at most 2GB in length."

This has been misinterpreted by several users so I thought I should clarify that. And we will be correcting that shortly so we don't cause anymore confusion on the issue.

2GB is the limit for a single sequence not a data size limit for the assembly process. So any single RNA, DNA, or protein sequence in .NET Bio is limited to 2 billion characters. The largest human chromosome is 250MB so the single sequence limit of 2GB should be plenty large enough. If anyone experiences issues related to that limit please post here or on the issue tracker tab. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Rick for the .NET Bio team