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Microsoft Techologies to develop Visualization tools for biological data

May 14, 2013 at 7:03 PM
Dear all

I'm a informatic engineer, with a backgroud in biology, who is making tools to visualize biological data, now i'm working in a tool to visualize the blast results in a novel way, with its creator, called BLIP. this tool uses silverlight technology, (this tool is almost deprecated), i'm thinking in a way to update this tool using html5 project for blip, you can fork in, and this is a demo, but this approach doesn't uses Microsoft technologies in a way, so for now, i don't think that the scientists and the researchers, use tablets or cell phones to visualize their data, so i think tools like blip still has a future into the research area, because nobody wants to visualize important data in a small screen, but I have understood that Silverlight has support until 2015. is this right? this is just my point of view about this.

On the other hand, we had a discussion about the technologies that we must use for this kind of works ([discussion:437466]). one of the conclusion that i found, is WPF is one of the answers, but this technology, is not a web technology properly (except if you use XBAP, that i think is not an option due to security issues and the way that activeX works for a huge volume of data), so i want to explore the posibility to create new tools, using the model of layerscape ( and integrate this with productivity tools, like Office, also i want to make new applications thinking in Windows Azure and (thinking in real web tools), i think tools like silvermap and silvergene, they were amazing tools in their moment, I think this tools need more than a proof of concept for work with big genomes, but i think we have a possibility of create new ways to visualize, using HTML5, js, CSS3, etc... and making new things usign new concepts like semantic web.

I'm open to discuss this topic,


May 14, 2013 at 8:51 PM
To complement the discussion i think the next article will be interesting about the future of silverlight: