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.NET Bio 2.0 is a reorganization of the code base to support all the .NET platforms with one set of binaries. As a result, many of the common workflows have been altered or replaced with new classes or styles. This cookbook is designed to provide examples on how to work with the new code.

The page was inspired by various programming cookbooks and follows a "How do I...?" approach. Each question is linked to some example code which can be copied directly into your project to accomplish that task.

General FAQ

  1. What platforms does .NET Bio 2 support?

How Do I

  1. Create a new sequence?
  2. Select an Alphabet?
  3. How do I setup and build the .NET Bio project?
  4. Use Visual Studio with .NET Bio
  5. How do I load sequences from a file?
  6. How do I save sequences to a file?
  7. How do I issue a BLAST request to NCBI?
  8. How do I align two sequences?
  9. How can I search a sequence for a pattern efficiently?
  10. How do I download a sequence directly from NCBI?
  11. How do I use GenBank sequence metadata?
  12. How do I generate synthetic sequence data?

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