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Sequence Assembler
Biologists and laboratory technicians who manage next generation genomic sequencing data for alignment, assembly, and/or BLAST identification will find this application useful. Alternate applications may provide similar functionality, however this implementation exposes the capabilities of .NET Bio.

When coupled with the rich user interface elements that the Windows Presentation Foundation supports, the Sequence Assembler provides a unique combination of advanced application interface, controls, and visualization of the data. These features can be useful to scientists, researchers, and clinicians who work with genomic data, but more importantly, the Sequence Assembler is a full-featured sample application that can be extended, modified, and expanded to meet the needs of researchers in a wide range of fields.

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Biology Extension for Excel (requires Microsoft Excel version 2007 and higher)

This extension for Microsoft Excel creates a custom ribbon component labeled ".NET Bio" in the top menu bar of Excel. Through this customization, biologists can access bioinformatics features in addition to all of the usual features in Excel.

Developers can modify the Biology Extension to use other features in .NET Bio or other custom bioinformatics capabilities. Developers can write custom bioinformatics applications by using the libraries of .NET Bio and can add UI elements for those applications to the Biology Extension.

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